4 Tracts

Millions of these 4 TRACTS have been printed since 1969. You can read both sides of them at the Other Languages link (including English).  We are currently wainting on funds to have more of: A Tribulation Map tract printed in English. The "Rapture Picture" in the "Tribulation Map" is available as full color prints in 2 sizes. To see more information about the three POSTERS and the RAPTURE PICTURE, click on DETAILS for each of them at the English Products link.


These same 4 printed and folded "Map" tracts are currently in stock and available in Spanish.

You can request a free "Sample Pack" (in the USA) of these tracts in English or Spanish with the Free Request Form link, while supplies last.

Worldwide, these tracts in English and various languages can now be freely downloaded, saved and printed. You can also see and read both sides of them at the Other Languages link.

The Dispensation Chart in the English Bible Map tract is also available as an 8 foot long chart. These large charts have been used since 1970 in many churches and Bible Schools and in Fair and Rodeo Evangelism booths. Click on DETAILS for the "Large 8 foot Bible Map Dispensational Chart" listed above the POSTERS at the English Products link.

View more information about our Tracts, Charts and Rapture Picture. View & Order Here

Bible Map Audio CD Combo Package – English or Spanish

Bible Map Audio CD
Combo Package
In English or Spanish
English Details & Order Here
Spanish Details & Order Here

These Audio CD "Combo Packages" include a printed Bible Map tract in English or Spanish. They take listeners through the "God's Plan of the Ages" CHART and the QUIZ questions and Scriptures on the back of the Bible Map tract for evangelism and assurance of salvation. This can help people KNOW with PROOF they are on their way to heaven. Thousands have trusted Christ 100% for their salvation through God's Word in this presentation since 1969. More information is on the Bible Map Audio CD English Details and Spanish Details Links. 

An Amazing Journey CD Combo Package

Bible Maps Soul-Winning Combo

Amazing Journey AUDIO CD
Combo Package

An Audio CD by attorney Steve Gurko and a printed Bible Map tract packaged together for soul-winning Details & Order Here


An Audio CD with attorney Steve Gurko telling the Amazing Journey of how God drew him to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Raised in a Jewish home, Steve spent years in college without exposure to the Bible and years in a successful law practice focused on life without God. But, the Lord had other plans for Steve. This CD will encourage Christians in their witnessing to professional people (and others) and it will help people with answers to questions like Steve had. More details are on the "Amazing Journey Audio CD Combo Package" Link.

DVD VIDEO, "Projection for Survival" – English or Spanish

"Projection for Survival"
In English or Spanish
and Narrated
English Details & Order Here
Spanish Details & Order Here

On this "Projection for Survival" DVD Video there are 500 pages of visuals, text and Scriptures showing and explaining past, present and future Biblical events in 5 sections as shown below. It’s narrated for your immediate study and teaching use. More than 20,000 of these DVD’s have been produced for teaching and evangelism. They’re now available at reduced quantity prices for even greater ministry outreach. 

Section 1 gives an overview of "God's Plan of the Ages" then shows visuals about major Old Testament events from Creation to the Cross which are foundation for our Christian faith. (Video time: 18 min.)

Section 2 shows key events from the Cross of Christ to His 2nd Coming in glory. This includes the time we are now living in and shows visuals about many future events coming on this earth. (Video time: 20 min.)

Section 3 shows future events from Christ's 2nd Coming to Eternity Future with visuals about the final judgments, Heaven, Hell and some GOOD NEWS (Video time: 22 min.)

Section 4 shows how we can make sure of Heaven. What a JOY to KNOW with PROOF that our eternal home will be in Heaven. We show that PROOF. (Video time: 17 min.)

Section 5 is about our Christian Life after Salvation. This section has visual illustrations and practical tips to help us have God's VERY BEST for us in our present LIFE on this earth until we "graduate to Heaven." (Video time: 18 min.)

POWER POINT SHOW, "Projection for Survival"

English and Spanish

Download Free Worldwide:
Power Point Show
"Projection for Survival"
plus Questions for
Review and Discussion
for the Power Point Show
and the DVD Video.
Details Here

The Power Point Show in English or Spanish has the same 500 pages of visuals as the narrated DVD Video but the Power Point Show is without the author's narration for your own narration and teaching use.

You can Download Free Worldwide this Power Point Show in English and/or Spanish.

You can View More Details about the Power Point Show and order them online in English or Spanish on a CD at these links:

POWER POINT SHOW, "The Tabernacle in the Wilderness"

In 1970, we found and for years used a beautiful set of 35mm slides on the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. Other Bible teachers who saw them agreed they were outstanding in beauty and Biblical accuracy. If you have studied and perhaps taught lessons on the Tabernacle, you know that many lessons present TYPES of Christ in the Tabernacle which He fulfilled by His perfect life and sacrificial death for us on the cross. It is a very important study for ALL Christians to understand and it can help increase their faith in God’s Word and the Lord Jesus Christ. This study has been instrumental in also helping many unsaved people trust Christ 100% for their salvation.

Download Free Worldwide: Power Point Show
"The Tabernacle in the Wilderness" plus "Notes and Study Guide for Students and Teachers." Details Here

We recently learned the copyright on these beautiful Tabernacle slides was not renewed by the originators so they are now public domain. We’ve acquired this as legal documentation and now converted them into a Power Point Show.

We are offering this Tabernacle Power Point Show for anyone to freely download and use worldwide.

A set of associated PDF "Notes and Study Guide for Students and Teachers" can also be downloaded free. The Notes are in English but may be freely translated into other languages to use with these beautiful visuals.

Tabernacle Power Point
Show CD
Details and Order Here

For those who cannot or prefer not to download the Power Point Show free or who cannot burn the show to a CD after it is downloaded, you can order it on a CD (to a USA address.)


Over five million copies of this Rapture Picture by artist Charles Anderson have been produced in various forms and used since 1974. It shows what may happen at the instant Jesus returns as promised in 1st Thes. 4:16, 17. All truly born-again believers "in Christ" will be "caught up" (Raptured) to meet Him in the air and be with Him forever "in the twinkling of an eye." (1st Cor. 15:51, 52). With no time then to prepare it's logical this picture may portray this coming event. It has been used by many Christians to help people realize the urgency of their need to trust Christ 100% for their salvation. It's available in two sizes: and 11 x 14 inch or 22 x 28 inch.

At the English Products link under the PRODUCTS tab, scroll down to the Rapture Pictures, then go to "Details" on each of these Rapture Picture items for more information and quantity prices.

For more information and quantity prices.
View individual prices

Free Request Form

Free Request Form
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We offer a sample pack that includes all four of our Spanish tracts and/or our English "Best News" tract for FREE to USA mailing addresses only.

Outside the USA you may freely download the Power Point Show (above) and also several other free items at the Other Languages link under the RESOURCES tab.

Inside the USA you can use the Free Request Form to request a sample pack of our four Spanish tracts and/or English "Bes News" tract to be mailed to your USA address.



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